Monday, February 2, 2009

Maintaining Objectivity

It is the most important and notable aspect of a Propaganda Hacker to maintain as complete an objectivitist approach as humanly possible. If a hacker starts to become subjective in analysis, he is nothing more than a Propagandist in sheep's clothing. Objectivity of mindset when analyzing an article of Propaganda, and objectivity of choice when choosing which article to analyze. The answer to the question, "What type of propaganda do you analyze?" should be, "All types of propaganda." Anything other than this answer and one can be sure that he's slipped knowingly or blindly into the realm of a Propagandist.

A great example of a popular propagandist oft mistaken for a hacker is Alex Jones. Now I am not saying that mr. Jones' material is in any way wrong, or bad, (that would be subjective thought.) I am however pointing to the fact that mr. Jones uses almost all of the techniques of a propagandist to get his message out there. Most people would, at first blush, think Mr. Jones is a propagnda hacker, but in this case they would be incorrect. Just go to and listen to one of his radio-casts. He likes to stay on the Vertical Agitation side of the Ellul Index. His work can also be classified as Irrational propaganda, as well as Highly Political. On the Aristotle Rhetoric Index he ranks highly on all three contexts. He likes to stay in the Political context as we can see from the Ellul Index, and most all of his articles are very high in the Forensic or Courtroom context in that his Rhetoric tends to always be investigative, and pointing indirectly and often times directly to guilty party. His use of ceremonial oratory can be seen as mostly censoring.

A true propaganda hacker should try to avoid at any lengths, being labeled as a person of any type of intellectual category. The hacker does not take his views or any of of his political / sociological opinions into account when reviewing and analyzing an article of propaganda. Hackers should always seek to be transparent in the way they categorize a specific article. No opinions should be given in the review, simply factual observations of the technique used. Getting into the realm of opinion is a death sentence for the credibility of a propaganda hacker.


  1. Yes, I am at the right blog. I look forward to following these posts. Thanks. s/hank330

  2. I think your wrong in your first paragraph....I like where you are coming from. Yet subjectivist focus is inherent in every human. We are bound to the "I" and therefore seek out only that propaganda which we are accustomed to; slowly circling what we think is the truth.
    It is truly only in understanding what others are doing in response to propaganda can we understand in that context what is occurring on an anti-propaganda level. Together we arrive. Alone we strive.

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  4. Just when I thought my own view of propaganda was abstract. Good to see great minds think alike.